A smart, new alternative venture in the entertainment space is making a difference. New York-based MediaPunch is a dynamic celebrity photo agency with a fresh perspective made up of the industry's best and brightest professional talent.

  • Choose us and take advantage of our global reach
  • Choose us for the optimal exposure we give to client brands, whether you're a corporation, a trendy new club in Miami and New York, or a party-planner publicist.
  • Choose us and work with the most promising roster of photographers and videographers in the business, on call for MediaPunch.
  • Choose us for the competitive pricing and value we offer our clients.
  • Choose us and be reminded of what is truly meant by the words quality and service. Because while MediaPunch and its team represent the next generation in professional photo agencies, we understand the value of taking seriously the concept of personalized service and reliable follow-through.

MediaPunch provides clients of every size and stripe insider access to a well-honed network of social media platforms that serve to enhance brands, increase online traffic, drive revenue, lower production costs, and protect intellectual property. Further, expert knowledge of our industry and the marquis events we cover, combined with our extensive contacts in entertainment, publicity, and social media, make our reach unparalleled.

Contact Us

Jennifer Taylor
Email: sales@mediapunchinc.com
Jessica Daly
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Edwin Garcia
Email: edwin@mediapunchinc.com

What You Can Expect

Once hired, your mission becomes our first priority. Pure and simple, we are dedicated to not only you, but to your client. Corporations and PR companies can count on MediaPunch to handle a shoot from start to finish, assist with pre- and post-publicity needs, and give any client and its event or product targeted editorial placements and strategic exposure including TV, online, print, social media platforms and more. MediaPunch is equipped to not only distribute the photos, but to work with social media strategists to showcase your job, ensuring that it appears on the most highly ranked social media pages currently trending. First and foremost, expect excellence.